I’ve got to get to your first,
Before they do.
Its just a question of time,
before they lay their hands on you.
And make you like the rest,
Ive got to get to your first…

Two days in a row… I did it again… ‘cept this time it was for a class project. I was up till 6am coding. While I haven’t felt the affects yet, I’ll probably be yearning for sleep around 7pm.

Once I get going, the coding flows. Cursed MFC, now all I have in my head are MFC Member function statements. I feel like a cartoon version of a math book with symbols flying all over. Or maybe just a good episode of Dexter’s Laboritory

So I was like 30 min. late for my class today, and I was all bummin’… but then I realized that it was cuz I was up coding all night and I remember that I enjoy doing that and don’t mind being sleepy all day if its cuz I was up coding. So I am happy now

SPRING BREAK!!! Ok, well spring break is over now. But it was pretty fun. It would have been alot more fun if I had not been sick. Oh well. Chet’s was a hoot, I got to stay away from the noxious nocternal emmisions because I had Janice with me.

Back in school and its all mid-term time again, or atleast in the classes that I didn’t have a mid-term yet. Oh, BTW: I 4.0ed my Digital Systems mid-term – whoo hooo!