dear live journal,

you suck. I hate you.

j/k 🙂

Damn I look good in a tux. I see my picture with muh lady and I’m in a tux. Hot damn, it makes me want to fuck me.

So I’ve been working hard, and studying the usual amounts which is not at all. I need to get some work done, but my old man is using my computer. Damn him. It must be my bigger screen, or the fact that I can see the TV from my computer, and he can’t from his. oh well.

Yippie, here I am while she does homework. And I’m tied to a chair, I can’t leave.

Ugh, and this XP box has 3 updates waiting, so I guess I’ll do them and rebooty.

I drank a 3 shot almond flavored latte last night… mmm… yummie. Makes this afternoons plain coffee taste like chalk.

Janice lusts for 3d MRI gonads. What a fruit.

Philly beat LA.

Valpo beat OU

I beat my meat…err… no I didn’t. shit… nevermind

Have you ever known me to be so bored? and I haven’t even checked my email yet. I suppose I can do some reading online… yes, reading online shall be good.

Good bye lj, you fucking fuck.

whew… I’m tired.

I need a vacation… oh wait. Part time employment is like full time vacation.

Ok then. I need a …


life is good.

I can’t wait till some biomed person invents some device that emulates sleep without actually sleeping. Then I can rock and roll all night, and party every day.

LiveJournal how I neglect thee.

I don’t miss you. You are like a whore, sucks time and other things, and once gone, never missed.

Ok, so I like whores sometimes, err… well – that is a downright lie.

Just wanted to say hi from work. I long to be a person who lj’s from work all day long so that not much gets done whatsoever.

Enough coffee already. I need some water.