Ever wonder what you would do without the endless array of distraction that the mass media provides?

Ever wonder if kompressor will really destroy mass media?

Ever wonder what refusal to give in to boredom can really accomplish?

Today I will write about a and c, but not b.

It is not that I hate movies and tv, I just don’t like them all that much either. They exist to control the masses. I know I’m one of the masses, but I can struggle not to be. If I read as much as I watched the tele, even I would be a better person, and I read more than the average schmuck, even though I am the average dick.

Its still only 2 weeks, in, which is 1/7th of a fall semester, my last fall semester. So this weekend has been very relaxed. The rush and chaos of the semester has not started yet. I have no urgent work todo, and while I could work on some graphics, I’ve never been inspired to draw anything (insert jealous of those who have here), so I have done a great deal of nothing this weekend. This great deal of nothing has left time for thought, and I’m somewhat convinced that I’ve nearly obtained a Master’s degree out of boredom.

Initially, I thought it was just to fill out my time. It does make a good excuse when you want to get out of something. “Oh I got some course work to do” or the like, usually is accepted, although I rarely use that one. Now I’m thinking that maybe I have subconsciously been using school as an excuse for putting off the rest of my life. Sure I could go for a high profile job, instead of this sub-par job I have now. Sure I could get married and settle down, instead of put that off more. Sure, I could get busy living… School is an escape from all that. If I’m still in school, than I’m still partly a child. Children go to school, and I with them.

Sure, there are the traditional reasons for getting a Massa degree. It is a nice addition, and it gives me ‘cred’. I’m ace pro number one at what I do – so couple that with a massa and I should be able to git killa job… but the above hold true in part I think.

The far more interesting point is thinking about what this boredom could create if properly channeled in another direction. Big business for me? Non profit to help the world? Anarchy? Even these may be too easily accomplished with the help of boredom.

Well, maybe I’ll take a vacation, but the last time I told myself I’d take a year off, it only lasted 4 months. So that puts May of ’04 in a very dangerous zone on the calendar. There will be a me, trying to escape boredom, already relaxed, and ready to escape in a constructive way. For now, I think REVOLUTION!

What up?

Is it bad when you are excited about something 4 months ahead of time?

I graduate in December and I am fucking excited. Not just excited, very fucking excited.