python is cool too.

it is more fun to re in python than perl.

Can you tell I am a big nerd when my girlfriend leaves the state? I revert to 12hrs behind a CRT without my girl to keep me in check. *sigh* I’m so bored.

*sigh* I am the lame ass computer user who knows enough to be dangerous.

I am that lamer.

I am that loser.

Someone shoot me.

In the pooper.

.. well – loser and pooper could rhyme if I were busta bust.

A tip for the world: do not use chattr to set files read-only at the filesystem level and then expect them to be writable. If you chattr +i /etc/passwd /etc/shadow, then you will no longer be able to change your password.

You know you are getting old when you think you are becoming a morning person.

Damn it was cold this morning. I slept with my window open… bad idea. Brrrrargh..

Apply’in for mutha fukin pregraduation review. By end of this year I will have 43 credits for the year of 2k+1. Bet none of you all mutha fucks ever did that, bitches.

Shit. In about 2 weeks I’ll have 24 for past 6 months. That be more than some do all year, or in a lifetime.


13 days till Finals. 13 days left working at Oakland. This is not a reference to some cheesy movie.

See Janice, I can count down too!