Bloomer when it is wet is a whole different experience. I couldn’t do shit on that track.

I know I normally can’t do anything on it anyway, but I could not ride any of the courses. I was horrible. I’m convinced its the wet, cuz I normally am not that bad even when it has been a while.

Dear LiveJournal,

I hate you.


Ok, so I had this dream last night. I was playing basketball in a park somewhere, that means outdoors. It was sunny, much like today, only a few clouds in the sky, and the sun will never go behind them. The sky is as blue as it gets. But being an outdoor basketball court at a public park means being seconds rate. The court itself had at one time been nice pavement, but is now a gravely mess. You can slide on the loose stones and pebbles if you aren’t careful. The ball doesn’t bounce straight up and down because it often hits unlevel ground. So there I was shooting hoops at this place. That isn’t quite the entirety. I was shooting hoops at this place with Michael Jordan. He’s shooting, and I’m shooting. We are obviously there together, but we don’t say much. There are some others shooting around too. Then Mike starts coaching me with my shot…

I wake up.

Ugh tired.

I have one question though:

a^2=b^2+c^2 and d^2=e^2+f^2
a=d and c=f but b != e.

I’m still trying to understand this!

php and graphs are cool. php builder is a nice site for learning. Its funny how often someone has written something, but its never put into an easy to use library type function. I think my graphs will be put into something like that. Maybe I can get it into PEAR. That would be neato bambido.

Whoo! I am so cool that I understand the derivation of E=mc^2 – ya know – Eee equals emm see squared… it derived by application of energy work functions and Lorentz transformations. Its pretty cool.

I’m not sure I ever realized the implications that an object(or particle) in motion actually has more energy than that, and in the case of an accelerated particle close to c, there is alot of energy.


I tried to meet my girl afta class yo, but she was like not there. STFU I know what you is thinking, all like ‘she was with me yo’ but my girl is fly loyal and royal. She wouldnot bust me like that yo.

So I be kickin’ it boring style all up in the computer lab, cuz I ain’t got no shoes to push metal with. I be bored. I readin’ peoples journals and shit. It sucks. The onion even sucks. I’m about to leave this mutha and go read in the sun and grass, avoidin geese shite and keepin it real.

My stomachs on MT and so is my brain. KIR


Dear LiveJournal,

I think Sunday night was one of the most fun nights of my life. I know G got married and all, but he really has been gone for a long time. Hanging out with G and friends those few days, and the climax of G & K’s wedding was one of the most exciting and relaxing times of my life. I really hope I get to experience such a fun time with good people again soon.