Is it bad when you think you can do everything better than everyone else? I don’t really think that, it just the case with 90% of the people I’ve ever worked with. I give people benefit of doubt. I wait till they prove to me they are idiots, then I know that I am the man, and they are not. UGH

All I want is for people to do good things!

So few I would trust with important project. Do managers train to be able to manage the incompetent?

Ok, nevermind. I just wish I had a good network at work, and since I’m not in the network group, I can’t make a good network here at work. So I’m stuck using a crappy one made by pooh-pooh heads. I want FEATURES damnit!

enough – lj is a not place for me to bitch. I hate it when people bitch on lj. Of course, bitching about people bitching is still bitching isn’t it?

Ya know what? I was gonna work till 5:30, but its 5:17 and I’m leaving 🙂 hehe

I gotta go home and finish my Asimov book so I can start another.

Sorry, no song of the day today. I didn’t listen to much music at work.

Super Hot Unix tip of the day:

Under borne or korn shell this works awesome.

Ya know when you run a command and it doesn’t work purhaps because some resource is overloaded, such as an ftp site being full? This little ditty wraps it in a retry timer that will automatically stop retrying upon success. It is perfect for use with urpmi

while (! urpmi mod_auth_ldap) ; do sleep 2 ; done

urpmi will return 0 on success or nonzero on fail.. so ! inverses the result(yes this is just like C, but this is not C shell(although omission of the do keyword may cause this to work just as well in c shell).

Sleep between retries and test the while condition again. Once the while condition(the command we want to run) is met, we exit the loop!

This was damned fun. purhaps lj isn’t the best forum for such and item, but I don’t care, it was very cool and easy to come up with?

I should change my nic to shellguru 😉

Whew, hoops last night was fun. Its always good when the jump shot goes in consistently. I felt like c-web with the midrange shot that drops.

Caught up on sleep by dissing the 4th quarter of the nets game… mmm.. sleep was good. OK, I’m not actually caught up, but I got 9 hours, so that helps fight off the lack of sleep from a few days ago.

An observant reader will note that para 1 says hoops and para 2 says lack of sleep. Yes I played basketball for a couple hours on only 4 hours of sleep. It was fun.

the rock and roll was excellent, the music was perfect.

Man that picture jeremy sent of ed in drag was damned funny. He looked hot, too bad he was a he. Females are cooler than males.

this was pretty funny, too bad it probably doesn’t really work:

yesturday I said something was the best song ever. Purhaps I will do this daily and call it song of the day.

THIS is the best song ever!

hrm… free movie channels are not a good thing for me. I like the really stupid “b” movies that always seem to be on when I should be sleeping. It means I don’t sleep. I’m tired.

the days go by so quickly. It kinda feels like I did nothing today, but I really did accomplish some good stuff. Work is fun.

sometimes shit just don’t work.

Why don’t shit work? I dunno.

Anyway, I’ve been sitting way to long here at work, trying to figure things to do. There is lots to do, but always which was to do them… choices. I suppose I will keep on keep on keepin’ on.

Found out Pro Tools is available for free. I just haven’t worked up the courage to fill out my name in one of those online forms. I fear lack of privacy.

Read 1/2 of an Asimov book that I had kept lying around for months. I guess this means that my spring/summer break is finally being realized at another level. Good book.

ok, work again…