ugh, stupid slow computers. – the solution? Simple regular expressions 🙂

doing test development is great if you have fast systems, but since I don’t… ugh… shit takes for ever to test… my solution – stop taking full snapshots of the production system, and just take snips. see, active directory is DAMNED slow when you have 40K users. That is lame, because I recall running 60+ on NT on a 200Mhz DEC ALpha….

stupid computers.

not sure what else is up. I’m getting taco’s even though I brought my lunch. That is fine. I really only brought fruits and vegitables, not much of a “meal” I need something starchy. I need my carbs. bread bread bread. give me grain and beans. I think I could live off of potatoes… then get malnourished from lack of necessary vitamins, minerals and protien.

Still itching to play games. I’m generally not a gamer…b ut Starcraft is so fun, and brings back some great memories. Well, I got WineX built myself. Aladin Public License is fine by me. So I play StarCraft in linux. It needs some tweaking. I think the better scheduler in 2.6 might help. Its choppy in 2.4.

sellers@mlkj sellers]$ man -k mega
hqx2bin [megatron] (1) – Macintosh file format transformer
macbinary [megatron] (1) – Macintosh file format transformer
mega [units] (7) – decimal and binary prefixes
megatron (1) – Macintosh file format transformer
single2bin [megatron] (1) – Macintosh file format transformer
unbin [megatron] (1) – Macintosh file format transformer
unhex [megatron] (1) – Macintosh file format transformer
unsingle [megatron] (1) – Macintosh file format transformer
mega [units] (7) – decimal and binary prefixes
[sellers@mlkj sellers]$

can you say MEGATRON!

hehe… is playing a good set right now. I know it is probably random, but god must have randomized it for me.

code code code

John Edwards… he would make a good president because he can talk to dead people. I didn’t even know he was a senator, and he sure looks a lot different on the news than he does on his SciFi channel TV show. He has got my vote, because he can talk to dead people. Maybe George Washington or Abraham Lincoln will give him good advice.

ut oh

wrists tingling FEELS better than acute pain, but from what I’ve read of RSS, its a worse sign. I think I really need to request some ergonomic stuff here at work, or I need to force myself to type properly as I am doing right now.

Times one, times two, times three,

When I clone a human being
it will want to hold my hand
When I clone a human being
It will be a member of my band

Last night was cool. The tele was off and that is always good. I computed some which is always nice. It turns out that OpenLDAP 2.2.x needs Berkley DB 4.2.x from Sleepycat, but MDK only bundles 4.1. It get worse when looking at all the packages that are currently linked against 4.1. Not bad enough? Well DB 4.2.x needs at least java 1.4.x (aka j2se) where 4.1 only needed 1.3. Well, Gnu Java is enough to satisfy that 1.3 requirement, but for 1.4 I actually need Sun, which means the package I’m making can be redistributed. I could turn of java, but I have a feeling that would break some needed compatibility. I think my best option at this point is to email the MDK maintainers about the move and see what they think.

I looked up some new recipies last night, so maybe I’ll be eating yummie stuff soon. It seems like I’ve been eating the same old stuff when at home, the three P’s of pizza, pasta, and potato. So I think I’ll start playing with new food.

I also read a chapter and a half of my book, which surprised me because I’ve not read that much of this book in one sitting yet. It keeps my interest, but only in short stints.

Back to work.