Went to grocery store for stuff for tomarrows party. The bill was huge, but my dad payed it and said merry christmas. That was cool.

Now I get to spend all night preping for the party, making food, cookies and stuff, it should be fun, I’ll prolly open a bottle of wine soon… nice relaxing evening in the kitchen.

Dear Live Journal,

WHOO!!! I passed. 2.7 in Mechanics I, 2.7 in Modern Physics, 3.5 in Modern Physics Lab, 3.7 in Database Systems.

Hells yes, it is now official, there is no reason I won’t be graduating.


Dear live journal,
how I have neglected thee. I’m at work, and I’m bored. I’m staying here till 6:30 cuz muh lady is gonna meet me to go to the company Christmas party. If I leave at 5:00 I don’t get home till 6, and the party is on this side of town, not my side of town.

Reading peoples live journal is lots of fun. I am sure that mine is very boring.

I worked on cool code this morning, and I figured out that if I index my two column tables, the webpages run much faster *grin* go figure. So I have pretty graphs on the web pages now, I’m not really sure what is next. I guess I need to talk to Mr. Bossman.

I remember the WWF wrestler Big Boss Man, who dressed like a cop but wasn’t, and carried a night-stick and beat people with it. he was a jerk.

my boi jer gets in tomarrow, and my party is Saturday, happy gradamutation to me. Mu-haha – I’m a graduate now. I can’t wait to see peeps.

I got someone else’s order. Ugh, now I won’t have gifts for friends before Christmas, oh well, that is what I get for waiting so long to shop online.

Last night was fun at club. Music was shite, and stayed too late, but it was fun.

Wake up & watch the laidies school some other laidies on the court, GO OU ballas(that’s pronounced ball-ah-es for ballers)… hoops own.

Getting ready to go to rocks… to the beat ya’ll.. his name is rock ya’ll… I can’t wait to wave two fingers in front of him and tell him it is 3 or 4, he just got lasiks, and he is blind now while his eyes heal.


I just wanted to say hi, cuz this is a fun song that I am listening to right now.


my mechanics class is cool… we do problems where we consider the spin of the earth, so drop something from 100m high, and where does it land on surface because of earths spin.


I was just talking with a hot girl that loves me…

and she made me look at my grades in the class I”m studying for tomarrow…

and It turns out I’m pulling a B in the class… I thought I was failing.

Mechanics ain’t all that bad.

not a productive day… I am not good at studying – I think I over did it yesturday and now today I can’t.

final in t-3 and counting.