Weekend goals: begin a caching-only whois server capable of determining IPBlocks from ip whois – arin, ripe, etc..

Honesty is funny:

I are Menudo: whatcha upta?
SillyEvar: d/ling nekkid chicks… watching Fox News… sipping Earl Grey… and reading political humor

yet another reason science rules:

Show that the path of a particle is an ellipse having a major axis of 2a if its position vector is given by r=(a sin wt) i + (b cos wt) j where a, b, w are constants. Also calculate the speed of the particle.

stupid computers can’t easily represent omega.

I just totally cheated on this test: http://test3.thespark.com/iq2

and I scored a 102.

I think that greping the unix dictionary helped on those words that start with f and end in m.