Mozilla release party was fun last night. I met a bunch of Mac Geeks and learned stuff. So much I don’t know. But I also noticed that the mac folks don’t think twice about giving money to apple. I don’t mind buying stuff, but once I buy a computer, I don’t really buy much else for it, certainly not software. Ah well.

Mozilla is actually good.

Bummer, I forgot the itty bitty power plug that goes with my beautiful PowerBook G4’s AC Adapter. So I’m stuck on a PC today.

Atleast the PC is a dual head display w/18″ LCD and 17″ Trinitron 🙂

I still miss my Mac OSX ;(

today song of the day:

Berlioz – Symphony Fantastique V

or Fantastic Symphony V – whatever name you prefer.

Good Classical Music.

basket ball last night was awesome. My jump shot was pretty good for me. If it would have stayed with me in the later games my ego might be too big for my own good.

Then I went to bed and slept. I still didn’t want to wake up, even though I was in bed before 11. ah well… I suppose that is life.

Back to the work thing that I do.

Wish I could sleep all day. Hungry.

Good weekend, did nothing. Watched Sacremento loose, that was a bummer. Didn’t read enough. Sat around too much, slept too much. Does it get any better than that? Too bad it was cold on Sunday. Saturday was so beautiful I feel guilty for not doing anything outdoors. Ah well, there are more days left in life.

Procrastinating at work.

Have a nice day.

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They are redoing the site soon too. Its a great service for the price. You rent all the DVDs you want over the internet for a flat monthly fee. No late fees or anything like that. The catch is that you can only have 3 out at a time, but that is reasonable. The stuff comes in the mail with a prepaid return envelope. So the flat fee is all there is.

This has been a shameless promotion 🙂