Writing proofs. Comp Theory is a bitch of a class, but when there is a pattern to follow to prove something, then I dig it. The less thought required the better says Jay.

Mmm… taco bell was yummie!

Mmm… Taco’s were good. I have procrastinated my Comp Theory homework for 4 days now. It is almost a new record for me. I will have to do it this afternoon. I hooped it up last night and showed some people my smooth moves. I was all mad skill adjusting and pull up jumper like. Wherd.

Its friday and I wish it would just get on with its bad self.

I just ate lunch, which I rarely do on a Thursday. George wanted to go to Big Bucks, so who am I to argue with George. That beer battered fish is damn find.

Class was hell this morning. I realized how I know nothing. The only true knowing, is knowing that you know nothing. Prof got all angry and was like “You know two ways to prove that this is not a regular language” and everyone is just kinda like – huh? what? and He is like “You are all in deep shit right now” and I was laughing, it was funny, but sad at the same time. It was good because it assures me that I am not the only person in that class that doesn’t quite have a full understanding of what is going on.

I think some of the problem is that we are being taught the whole thing from a micro to macro approach, first examining a very specific case, then less specific, and further less specific, and so on. It is not as natural as looking at a big picture and then zooming into an aspect of it. You don’t use a microscope starting at maximum zoom, you start at minimum and then find what you are looking for.

Hoops should be fun tonight. I been working on my shot. I think I really need to work on the pull up, but my regular shot is pretty dead on…. usually. H000PS!

I be illin’ skillin’ like the boys that be billin’

Killer audio right now.

I love writing documentation for code. I’m not so sure I even like the coding part. I’m writing an interface spec for class and documenting it. I’m finding it the most enjoyable part of the programming process. I suppose I could easily get a job doing this. Everyone always talks about lack of documentation, but it wouldn’t be the case if I am around.

I just got out of the first ACM meeting that OU has had for like 4 or 5 years. There was a great turn out of people, and some of them seem very cool. I think I could learn alot from some of them, so hopefully the group will flourish.

That test was more difficult that I had anticipated, but I think I did well enough, a 4.0 still purhaps. I’m just pissed at myself for not realizing I can do a two’s complement in VHDL real easy. DOUGH!!! I am such a bad test taker it hurts, maybe my teacher girlfriend could tell me why, how, and what can I do to fix it?

Today was a good day, only two days, and two class periods left till SPRING BREAK!!!

I am excited and pumped for my test in 45min. I don’t recall the last time I was this confident going into a test. I feel prepared, but I have done almost no preparation. For some reason this hardware class comes very naturally to me. I looked over the suggested review notes that the instructor gave and found it boring and simple. I will rock this test.

Whoo hoo! I am VPN person. I can access my home lan from anywhere completely securely. I’m having a good day so far. Hopefully it will continue.

I just remembered that the hours I spent on VPN setup last night can be transfered to $$$ because I’m gonna implement it at work, so I’m putting down those hours as having worked. Yeeee haw!

it is good when homework is easy. I don’t mind doing homework, even lots of it, as long as it is not too difficult. Today is homework day, and I’m two subjects down, so far, it is easy.

Just login’ in from the boss’s office to get mail and check stock quotes. I made a mix cd today that just rocks, but I think that the blank space between tracks screwed up the crossfade mixing. Cursed CDR’s