its a week for great quotes

“you can build LINQ to NHibernate extensions and get all the goodness of
the LINQ language/compiler/intellisense work using NHibernate”
— Scott Guthrie

I don’t
like the implication that unit testing is a “team system” feature.
Whether you “test first” or “test later”, I think everybody pretty much
now agrees that you need to perform automated developer testing sometime, no matter what kind of work you’re doing. ”
— Scott McMaster!1A9E939F7373F3B7!332.entry

“TDD is cost effective when and if the effort you put into writing the
tests is less than the corresponding effort would have been for the
manual unit testing and additional debugging that you dodge by having
comprehensive unit test coverage. Add in the hard to quantify
advantage from the qualities of orthogonality that TDD all but requires
(testability design is mostly about creating orthogonality between the
pieces). ”
— Jeremy Miller

Microsoft and Open Source

from Ayende and Hammit

I don’t normally link things that are covered by others with far more reader than I have. This is so important to .NET developers everywhere. I feel I must spread the word however possible.

Take, for example, MSUnit. Boo. Hiss. That was a big miss. Can’t they be easier to run in the UI? Where are all of the baked in Asserts from NUnit?

Or take MSBuild. No please, take it. No out of the box task to Zip files? C’mon.

I hope all .NET Developers are aware of this trend and if they aren’t, they should question whether nor not they can call themselves developers.