I ran out of time on my midterm. At least I know I could have finished well if I had more time. I never mind being slow, I just don’t like not knowing.

I probably would have been fine, if the description for a problem had not been changed after I had already completed that problem. “On number 1, I mean this.” *dough* that isn’t what it says. So I do number 1 over, then its “If you already did it the other way, that is ok.” Fucking great, I just wasted 10 minutes. 10 minutes and I probably would have had time to finish.

But it was kinda a fun test. Fun with Geometry ala 11th grade trig. Find the area of blah… blah blah.

Lets see, 4 problems, I didn’t do one… ‘cept maybe the 1st part – so I get 5 pts there… but I know I fucked up on port of number 1… so I’m aiming for a 70 on this thing. 70!!! what a joke.

Did I mention I know OpenGL? 🙂

Did I mention I should be able to implement OpenGL? 😉

At work we have a chalk board, because my office is in what used to be a small class room. Yesterday I wrote these excellenting things on the chalkboard:

ess a dee
see on a eff

isn’t that awesome?

Whew, what a couple of weeks.

All I want in life is beer. Well, I mean on top of what I already have. Yes, my woman and beer. Since I have the woman, right now all I need is beer.

hehe. I have class in 45 minutes and so I could really use a beer.

I have a mid term tomorrow, so I could really use a beer.

I don’t want to read this stupid book I am borrowing, so I could really use a beer.

I’m borrowing the book so I didn’t have to buy it for the course. It is so cool, it makes me want a beer.

I guess the book is very good, so maybe I don’t need a beer.

I’m listening to Coil, and it is so awesomely fulfilling, that I guess I don’t need a beer.

Hush… may I ask you all for silence? The dreamer is still asleep.

I am SO excited for this weekend. I am SO excited to gradumate in December.

four o’clock rolled around and my brain stopped working. I would really like to just go home and skip class for today. The weather is so awesome outside I could ride my bike around one last time before the snow falls. I could walk downtown and get a drink. mmm…

The one thing stopping me is my 5:30 class. I did not buy any books this semester, so I feel I must attend every course in case I miss something important. I wouldn’t even be able to catch up by reading the book.

Am I gawth if I like Black Tape for a Blue Girl?

Does that make me a gawth type sissy man? because you know I want to be a man man man.


Hi everybody…

I’m tired.

I can’t do my homework 🙁

I’m afraid I’ll be bored.

What should I do?

a. Suck it up.
c. Smile
d. All of the above
e. a and b, but definitely not c.

I will love you if you tell me I should e.