hrm… starbucks helps me work late tonight 🙂 yummie… tomarrow is friday, looking forward to the weekend. I hope I see some of you!

It would be cool to see Irish on Friday…hmm…

Working working working…

I wrote a bad ass program that only kinda works, but it was damned fun anyway, until I found out that a ton of similar ones already exist for windows… but mine was pure borne shell, so ms can suck it.

More workie today, pushing Postgresql to its limit and beyond.

fun last night. Missed Donny, Krista, and some others I would like to have seen, but it was quite fun.

Sleep all day… now I go out again. bye


It is, I have 2 sweaters on. I think I’m having a poor circulation day.

Finally the weekend and spring break too. I’ll still be busy as fuck, but atleast I will have a few extra hours off.

Gonna go out tonight. I hope I see some good people(like I always do) and have a good time(last time was not fun) I think i’m a moody bitch.

I made tons of OGG vorbis files this week. Bjork is so bad ass that mp3 makes her sound like shit, so I cranked up the bitrate and made some sweet high quality OGGs. I’m listening to new Apop.. it rules.

Hrm… cold wrists stiffening from typing… I think i will go now.

Hurray for Sarah Hughes and winning Gold. Damned ice skating sucked me into its evil clutches recently. Ah well, it is over.mmm… bring on curling.

Interesting stars:

Just when you were settling down into a very comfortable and productive routine, life hurled another problem right at you. Has some dilemma, one that you’ve never seen the likes of before, got you twisted up like a pretzel? Perhaps it’s time to seek out a trusted advisor, either a sibling or an old family friend, and have a long overdue chat with them. They’ll probably have many jewels of glowing insight. Your job will be to separate the wheat from the chaff.

Now I just need to find that someone to talk with.