Logitech Quickcam Messenger in Linux

I found this link about the Logitech Quickcam Messenger.


I found it by searching for the USB ID that I got from ‘lsusb’ output.
ID 046d:08f0 Logitech, Inc.

It is cool because Comcast was giving away these things for free to promote their high speed internet with video emails and conferencing.

I’m using Ubuntu Breezy right now, so I had to force the compilation to use gcc-3.3

sudo rm /usr/bin/gcc ; sudo ln -s gcc-3.3 /usr/bin/gcc

The rest of this should work in Ubuntu Hoary as well.

Lets use sudo intead of su:

sed -ie ‘s/su -p -c/sudo/’ ./quickcam.sh

Make sure you have kernel-headers installed, and a build link setup:

sudo apt-get install linux-headers-`uname -r`
sudo ln -s /usr/src/linux-headers-`uname -r` /lib/modules/`uname -r`/build

Now just run ./quickcam.sh from the qc-usb-messenger-0.8.tar.gz

It will make you press enter a bunch of times. Just keep doing that.

Eventually it will load, test, and install the quickcam.ko kernel module.

See http://home.mag.cx/messenger/ for more details.

The microphone in the Quickcam Messenger is already supported by the usb-audio module. The button on the camera may be used. See the readme:http://home.mag.cx/messenger/source/_README_MESSENGER

Penguicon 3.0 – Saturday

Man am I tried.

The ars linux guys sure can talk about stuff until late. In fact, there were so many presentations I’m going to have to stop, and think back to who went first.

I think it was Sean “Harshy” who stepped up first and gave a talk about the status of Coaster and development woes. It was very interesting to hear the developer point of view of getting a new open source project off the ground. Coaster is a gnome cd burning application that uses nautilus-cd-burn. NCB on the other hand uses cdrecord. Being built on those two layers, and both of them having their share of bugs seemed to be a big challenge for Coaster. The libburn project looked promising, but no work has proceeded on it for years.

Next was Rick “TheRock” Lull doing a cool presentation of some network tools. Nagios, NMIS and Cacti. This was an excellent description and demonstration of these tools. Cacti looks like a great MRTG on steroids. NMIS looks like clutter, but if you can get passed the cluttered interface, it looks useful. I’ve used Nagios for years, so its difficult for me to relay it in simple words. It is not difficult to configure Nagios, but it does have a steep learning curve. Once you have figured out which text configuration files to edit, things become simple.

Finally, Tatsuya “tm” Murase gave a fundaments of security talk. It wasn’t anything technical, but instead emphasized a different way to thinking about security. It was really a long list of best practices of thought. Highly relevant information for those new and serious in security.

Then greenfly played three teh_scene videos. OMG ROFL! Very funny stuff.

I was looking forward to showing off my implementation of autocomplete html input text elements, but there was no time or interest or whatever for more presentations. I think folks decided to quietly kick ban me after I started trolling peoples presentations mentioning that Mandrake does some things. I was pretty tired by this time, so I headed home in the snow!!! SNOW!!! Penguicon brought the snow!

Rewind the day 12 hrs, and I would have been just ariving at BW3s to watch the Pistons smoke the Sixers with schweeb, biokatt, syndicate, metalikop and Loraine. We ate wings, drank beer and a few of us even ate desert. I didn’t think BW3s would have a very good desert, but that chocolate fudge cake thing was awesome.

Penguicon /

Penguicon got started today. I’m at work, but since this is taking place in my neck of the world, I am trying to be somewhat involved in the event. (crashing it)


Ars is involved.


My wife and I made the trek (40 miles, 45 minutes) to meet the Ars folks at BW3 Novi last night. It was cool to talk with StoneTable, greenfly, and everyone else. I didn’t get to talk much with the folks at the other end of the table.

My wife loved the Fujitsu P series laptop aka fujip. It really is amazing how small it is. I want his and hers.

I get to talk geek so rarely that it was good, much needed geek talk. Hopefully this is the beginning of a good weekend.

ipod tip

I don’t even own an ipod, but I found this information useful.


Putting iPod into Disk Mode
Learn how to manually put iPod into Disk Mode.

When troubleshooting an issue with your iPod, it’s sometimes helpful to manually put it into Disk Mode.

Putting iPod into Disk Mode

1. Plug the iPod Power Adapter into an electrical outlet and connect iPod to the power adapter.
2. Toggle the Hold switch on and off. (Set it to Hold, then turn it off again.)
3. Press and hold the Play/Pause and Menu buttons until the Apple/iPod logo appears, then release them. This resets iPod. When you reset iPod all your music and data files are saved, but some customized settings may be lost.
4. When the Apple logo appears, immediately press and hold the Previous and Next buttons until the Disk Mode screen appears. (For iPod Software 1.0 through 1.1, a FireWire logo appears on the screen.)
5. Disconnect iPod from the power adapter and connect it to your computer.

Putting iPod mini or iPod (Click Wheel) into Disk Mode

1. Plug the iPod Power Adapter into an electrical outlet and connect iPod to the power adapter.
2. Toggle the Hold switch on and off. (Set it to Hold, then turn it off again.)
3. Press and hold the Menu and Select buttons for at least 6 seconds until the Apple logo appears.
4. When the Apple logo appears, release the Menu and Select buttons and immediately press and hold the Select and the Play/Pause buttons until the Disk Mode screen appears.

5. Disconnect iPod from the power adapter and connect it to your computer.

If you are having difficulty putting the iPod mini or iPod (Click Wheel) into Disk Mode, set the iPod on a flat surface. Make sure that the finger pressing the Select button is not touching the click wheel. Also make sure that you are pressing the Play/Pause button toward the outside of the click wheel and not near the center.

If you are still unable to put iPod mini or iPod (Click Wheel) into Disk Mode, use one finger from one hand to press the Select button, and one finger from the other hand to press the Play/Pause button.

Reset iPod to get it out of Disk Mode.

Sorry to scoble.

hehe. I have coined a new proper noun into a verb:

scoble(v.) 1. To post like scoble. 2. To post links to others content without adding any value of your own.

So in my second scoble of today, I really like Thomas Vander Stichele’s post titled “foo” (poorly titled), specifically the “How not to do it” section.

This should be in the mind of anyone before they communicate with others.

This has been my last scoble of the day.