$$$ One Billion Dollars $$$ mwhawaha

Prompted by

What would I do with a billion dollars.

1. Pay all debts.
2. Put 1/2 in tax free offshore accounts.
3. Buy an unpopulated County in the Western US, probably Montana, Wyoming, Idaho, or the Dakota’s.
4. Stock Pile guns.
5. Wait to see who is alerted of my activity first, ATF, FBI, locals?
6. Build large super computer capable of finding private keys from a public web certificate. Use this to find all of the major Certificate Authorities private keys (Thawte and Verisign). Blackmale them for money. If I get another billion from them, I stop this operation, else I sniff sniff sniff and have all internet credit card transactions at my disposal.
7. Fund a 3rd party candidate with big dollars, get exposer much like Ross Perot. Expose the greed, coruption and widdling away of liberty in the United States.
8. Buy my way into a good Ph.D. program.
9. Start new computer company with sole purpose of increasing billion to trillions, become richer than Microsoft and buy them(or make the irrelevant). But true purpose of all that money is to spend it on number 10.
10. Defend my guns(see number 4, above) in court, finally once and forever asserting the true nature of the bill of rights. Eliminating all Gun Control laws and reordering the Bill so that the second and first amendments are transposed. The result: within 5 years, the aclu, nra, and most other special interests shutdown down because they are not needed. America is more prosperous than ever, and our prosperity overflows to the international. 20 years later, there is world peace 😉