Installing iWork09 from CD without a Mac

You’d think you could just use Apple’s nice CD Sharing program, aka Remote Disc

But sadly, the iWork09 CD is not an iso9660 disc. Instead it has an Apple style partition table, which was not readable by fdisk and crashed parted in linux, with an HFS+ filesystem. When you insert the disc into a Windows PC it simply will not read it.

So, I booted to Linux, used dd to rip the cd and started analyzing the contents of the disc. What I came up with was a way to extract the HFS+ filesystem from the disc image. Since I don’t really care about the filesystem being perfect – I only care about being able to install iWork on a new Mac Book Air – I only care about where it starts and I run a fsck tool to repair the end of filesystem.

The filesystem begins at an offset of 72blocks (36864bytes):
$ if=iwork09.img bs=512 skip=72 of=iwork09-1.img

Repair the filesystem:
$ fsck.hfsplus iwork09-1.img

Mount it and copy the iWork directory or install it from there
$ mount -t hfsplus iwork09-1.img /mnt

A little extra work, but it beats a trip to the Genius Bar.