Well, Kerry is an idiot, and Bush has started to suck it even more in my eyes recently.

I guess I’m voting Libertarian this election.


Fun want we

DEMF aka Movement festival was pretty fun. Watching the Pistons game at the Detroit Brewery and going back to DEMF after 64oz of beer was also fun.


83% of game 5 winners in an NBA playoff series go on to with the series(99/119). It will be 100/120 when the pistons take this series.

Not much to say about DEMF, hanging with J & K and their folks was fun. Damn their apt view is breath taking every time. It overlooks detroit in the best possible way. Seriously, the view from Windsor has nothing on the view from their apt. Of course hanging with Jess and Bob is fun. I’m very glad Jess has a Bob, because I know she usually felt like she was 3rd wheeling it when she would hang with us, but now with Bob, we are just 2 couples chilling, and of course I like Bob, he is a fun guy / fungi.


lazy day… I should be productive, but I’ve not self motivation. What Open Source product would change your life? Let me know, I will begin working on it.

Fun weekend.

  I was there too!!!

caught me off guard with her camera!

Ok, if the crazy dancing at Luna on Friday wasn’t enough (vnv clearing
the floor was awesome), well, we went back for more.  Saturday was
damned fun… 

showed up. 
was there.

It was a rawking good time.  Bogard, aka pr0phet, was
awesome.  Wish I could have talked to him more, he seemed very

Dance Dance Dance… and so we did.

Tired of my usual pizza dough recipe, so I’m trying this one: http://dinnercoop.cs.cmu.edu/dinnercoop/Recipes/karen/PizzaDough.html

I hope it turns out. right now it seems kinda dry, and maybe a little stiff, but I shall see what the yeast will do for the next hour.

TODO: check out www.servlets.com

Yes, that is right, I just used my LJ as a todo list… STFW? STFU!

Wow, I just read all of this: http://www.cs.vu.nl/~ast/brown/

I wasn’t quite sure who “me” was until the very end. Then I was surprised (although I shouldn’t have been) that it was Andy Tananbaum.

Having trouble focusing on work… too many different things going on.

Work Work Work.

I think I’ll escape for the next hour…

oh boy oh boy oh boy.

I just read on mandrake.cooker.cvs that kexec kernel module/patch is included in kernel-!!! I’ve wanted to play with kexec for months, since I heard about it.

What is kexec you may ask!?! It is totally awesome!!! Especially on shite slow to boot servers like 1/2 the dells with HW RAID controllers in the machine room at work.

kexec turns the machine over to another program. That is, the running linux kernel, turns ENTIRE control of the machine over to another program, such a a boot loader like lilo or grub. This means you can reboot without having to reboot. That is, reboot the OS, without rebooting the system. On machines where POST takes a long time, or Dell PowerEdge 2650’s with PERC and RMC, the PERC and RMC take nearly 60 seconds a peice, and standing in front of a server in a rack in a cold server room is not my idea of fun. I like the comfort of my tiny 6′ by 6′ cube.

So I’ll have to wait a day or two for the rpm to spread to mirrors, but I’m looking forward to using this feature.