Well, Kerry is an idiot, and Bush has started to suck it even more in my eyes recently.

I guess I’m voting Libertarian this election.


Fun want we

DEMF aka Movement festival was pretty fun. Watching the Pistons game at the Detroit Brewery and going back to DEMF after 64oz of beer was also fun.


83% of game 5 winners in an NBA playoff series go on to with the series(99/119). It will be 100/120 when the pistons take this series.

Not much to say about DEMF, hanging with J & K and their folks was fun. Damn their apt view is breath taking every time. It overlooks detroit in the best possible way. Seriously, the view from Windsor has nothing on the view from their apt. Of course hanging with Jess and Bob is fun. I’m very glad Jess has a Bob, because I know she usually felt like she was 3rd wheeling it when she would hang with us, but now with Bob, we are just 2 couples chilling, and of course I like Bob, he is a fun guy / fungi.


lazy day… I should be productive, but I’ve not self motivation. What Open Source product would change your life? Let me know, I will begin working on it.