ALT.NET What He Said

ALT.NET What He Said or just ALT.What He Said written alt.whathesaid for the usenet types and abbreviated a.whs for the lazy types.

I’ve written about ALT.NET before. This time, I’m just going to say ME TOO!

Whether you like the “ALT.NET” name or not, I highly recommend you read Jeremy Miller‘s post about the need for supplemental .NET leadership. As usual, some else is far better at putting into words the way that I think and feel about a topic.

I urge anyone who has had the notion to speak at their local user group about a topic in which they are well versed to do so! Even if you feel like your style doesn’t mix or no one wants to hear about your cogs, we do want to hear about how you make your cogs. Why did domain driven development and test stories work so well for you? Why did you not choose a traditional n-tier design? We want to know!

I am now looking forward to hearing about your cog process or your widget method or how your development approach saved Spacely Sprockets time and money.