I just got this in my email from my stats prof :
Final exam score: 181/200.

The course grade point: 3.6.

Whoo hooo!!! I rule! I’m so excited, and I just can’t hide it.

SWEET!!! Trying and trying to find Mandrake 8 iso images on a fast site, and wouldn’t you know it, just down the street, Wayne State university has the fastest mirror available to me 🙂

Cool weekend… K-zoo was neato. Silly people & DJ.

Tomarrow I give two presentations and two classes end… 8 more credits and two 4.0’s behind me… *sigh* HURRY UP!!!

HOURS upon HOURS on these stupid projects. Both for the classes I’m getting a 4.0 in. I should be studying for my other classes, not wasting my time on projects!

Want BEER!

Ugh, I just found out a project that I thought was due on Monday, is due on Friday. Fun stuff since I lose the weekend. I will have to finish it Wednesday night!

I got a 4.0 on my hardware final! As long as I do the final project I should have a 4.0 in the course!!!


Man that Covanent / And One show was cool. My friends were there, I had lots of fun!