Prof showed me my current grade today. I don’t recall if it was a 3.996 or a 3.9996, but either way that rounds up to a 4.0 🙂 Go me!

Last day at work and I’m bored as [explicative deleted].

Why am I here? I do not know. I’m glad it is over.. *sigh* I wish school were over. I love how every semester is entered into with good intentions and those intentions last about 2 weeks until you realize that its all B.S. and the amount of information that I really give a damn about could probably have been learned in 2 saturday lectures or so. School==shite=>false… but hey – I can dream that I’d get paid without school.

I recieved my new Powerbook yesturday. That was exciting. I’m still excited, but I’m trying not to be because I’m busy as hell and need to do some work for class, so I can’t do the things I want to on my new computer. I can’t even use the new compie to do assignment as it didn’t come with AppleWorks like I thought it would. Yet another reason to learn to use LaTex for such things.

Ok, contract job is up and running, go to and subscribe so that I can get some green $. I don’t want any replies on the user interface, I know its shortcomings, I’m not a UI guy. If something is broken, let me know. I’m sure its not because it has been thoroughly tested, but just in case… Yes, I programmed the entire site, from the first pair, to the online credit card processing and database transaction system. I do it all… and I’ve yet to see a dime, but the money part comes later… after you sign up for the service *grin*

Is anyone impressed yet? Is this my longest lj entry to date? is that really lame?(yes)

Hrm, I can’t think of much else, except I’m not sure my pants and sweater actually match, but I do know that I don’t really care.

I have a killer mix cd in my car right now. When I say killer, I mean that it could quite possibly be the worst mix cd in the history of my car. Starts off with Kylie Minogue(la la la…), second up is Vixen6, or whoever that spawn of Prince who sings “nasty girl” is. Track 3 is Sarah Brightman singing Dust in the Wind. I know what you are thinking, and yes, that Dust in the Wind. Other tracks include Mustard Plug doing VervePipe’s Freshmen, Brak telling a story about not trusting a monkey, and various LL Cool J songs like Around the way Girl, Momma said knock you out, and doin’ it. There are some other gems, but I don’t remember what exactly.