RX7 is dangerous with me behind the wheel.

          ok, maybe it isn’t dangerous, but being behind the wheel of the RX7 makes me want to drive far more aggressively than I would normally drive.  It was a fun drive to work today.

So tired.  So far this week I’m 8hrs behind on sleep, assuming I need(and I do) 8hrs of sleep per night.  So Friday I think I’ll be sleeping ALL DAMN DAY!!!

Missing my CD Player in the car already.  I’ve been listening to DotNotRocks (www.franklins.net) in the car for at least a month now.  I’ve been catching up on back episodes, and I find a drive from Shelby Twp to Milan, and from Milan to work has me missing the nerdiness of the show.

Thinking about a new car.  I’m thinking something lame and cheap.  I found a 2004 Malibu with low miles on the cheap, I think I’ll call at noon-time.  The RX7 doesn’t have heat, and its 6″ ground clearance and real wheel drive doesn’t have me looking forward to the winter.  As for the stupid VW… anyone want to buy a VW Golf on the cheap???  heh, I’ll probably give it away for the tax writeoff, maybe that will make up for my lack of tuition tax relief this year.

Have a lovely day.

28 days earlier… 28 days earlier

I watched 28 days later last night.

What a horrible movie.  It was a non-zombie movie.  It was not worth watching.

As far as zombie movies go, this one was a better one.  It was still a zombie movie.  They never used the word zombie.  It was still a zombie movie.

Did I mention it was not good?

Woke at 5am.  Leave at 5:50am.  Arrive home at 7:30pm.  <- my life

properties with events – and may be templates :)


This example shows some interesting notification behaviour. Maybe it could be used to implement a generic cached property type. The getter could control first time population of properties(private members), and even check for invalidations.

meh. No templates C# commonplace yet 🙁

.NET Mobility Roadshow.

I went to the Great Lakes Dot Net Users Group meeting last night – www.migang.org.

It was a special event. It was the .NET Mobility Roadshow. It was interesting I supposed. Basically it showed me how easy it is to develop applications for mobile devices that are based on wince. Microsoft has some cool stuff. But I am not a toy boy, so I will probably never have such a device. Or if I do get such a device it will be more than a couple of years from now, and the development platform will have changed enough that there is no point in me looking at it right now.

The room was full of 70 people, the far majority were middle aged men. There were very few young people, and very few women. I don’t understand the demographics. We did recieve a cool package, including a tee shirt. Best thing in the package is probably the O’Reilly .NET Compact Framework Pocket Guide. I probably won’t use it much, but it is an O’Reilly pocket guide.

Yesterday, I woke at 5am, left for work at 5:50am, got home at 10pm. Bedded at 11pm. ugh. Long day.

been a long time. over 3 weeks I think

so I thought I’d say hi. Not much going on. The usual. Work, Wife, Friends. Unfortunatly in that order. I try to give more to Wife.

been diving into .NET. VS.NET 2k3 is awesome. So is mono & monodevelop. I’ve been messing with both. I’m working on an NNTP Application class. My thought now is that it could be the M part of a number of possible MVC applications. All my test cases currently have the VC parts combined of couse 🙂