RX7 is dangerous with me behind the wheel.

          ok, maybe it isn’t dangerous, but being behind the wheel of the RX7 makes me want to drive far more aggressively than I would normally drive.  It was a fun drive to work today.

So tired.  So far this week I’m 8hrs behind on sleep, assuming I need(and I do) 8hrs of sleep per night.  So Friday I think I’ll be sleeping ALL DAMN DAY!!!

Missing my CD Player in the car already.  I’ve been listening to DotNotRocks (www.franklins.net) in the car for at least a month now.  I’ve been catching up on back episodes, and I find a drive from Shelby Twp to Milan, and from Milan to work has me missing the nerdiness of the show.

Thinking about a new car.  I’m thinking something lame and cheap.  I found a 2004 Malibu with low miles on the cheap, I think I’ll call at noon-time.  The RX7 doesn’t have heat, and its 6″ ground clearance and real wheel drive doesn’t have me looking forward to the winter.  As for the stupid VW… anyone want to buy a VW Golf on the cheap???  heh, I’ll probably give it away for the tax writeoff, maybe that will make up for my lack of tuition tax relief this year.

Have a lovely day.