my perl makes all the coders cry;
and they are like,
its worse than yours.
I could teach you,
but I”d have to charge.
my perl makes all the coders cry;
and they are like,
its worse than yours.

I don’t know why it is not working.

I do know that RPC::XML::Server is doing something to mess up Net::LDAP. And I do know that its pissing me off. I’ll pistol whip this bitch yet.

I eye sir

I don’t wear glasses or contact lenses. The wife, for a period as girlfriend, used to tell me I needed glasses, that I was blind, that I should get my eyes checked, etc… for various reasons. I always chalked them up to the usual girl nags guy (not in a bad way, in an ‘I love you’ kind of way). So a couple of times over the past ~7 years I had my eyes checked by a nurse or assistant or whatever at the doctors when I was getting a physical. Its part of the physical, read the chart from so far away. And those times my eyes were great, 20/16 and 20/17. Well, that was never enough. I needed to see a real eye doctor.

Today, years after I have heard anything about my alleged bad vision, I saw an optomotrist. His exact words were “If everyone had eyes like you, I’d be digging ditches.” Yes, I rawk, no specs for me, I don’t need sexy specs to be sexy! I’d probably just end up being spexy instead.

I got nothing.


I wear my sunglasses as night, so I can so I can… keep track of visions in my eyes.

It WAS a beautiful day outside, but its quarter to one now, and overcast.

The wife made me clean. I’m not thinking so much about this marriage thing now… heheh j/k

I have really liked researching about homebuying and especially mortgages. I think I should have gone into business or finance. Computer science is totally lame. OK, well not totally, I’m just bored with it.

So that said – what can I code for you?

Looking forward to changing oil in vehicle. The weather is perfect for such a task today.

I would love to see some friends. I really have not seen anyone sense the wedding. Hi everyone. I miss you.

If I were a paying member and could run polls, I would do so, but instead I’ll just ask a question.

With how many incompetent people do you work?

I just LOVE coming back to things the next morning, and spending < 5 minutes to fix something that I couldn't figure out for HOURS the day before!!!!!!!!

Hehe, funny how after a long weekend everyone posts their LJ about it on Tuesday afternoon. I was all about Tuesday morning myself, and then at first I was disappointed by the lack of glory that the long weekend recieved, but alas, I was mistaken. Wednesday morning yeilds Tuesday afternoons posts, and there is nothing but good times for the weekend.

Me? I’m enjoying my vacation before my vacation. That is right, I’m on day two of my 9 days off work – that is 9 workdays – mwhuahaha! 2 weeks of nothingness baby – well, nothingness except for getting married, going honeymooning, and all around enjoying myself.

The family is starting to get in town today, so I guess it is lots of good times today.

Need to get some scripting done, I think I will refocus after this post.