Sunday Funday

The Lions are winning right now. They will lose.

At one o’clock this afternoon, I went grocery shopping for a gallon of oil, a lemon, white chocolate chips, ground cloves, and frozen cod. I started cooking at about quarter till two. MMmmMmm good hobbie. I started with the oatmeal rasin cookies, a modified reciepe of course. I can’t seem to do anything exactly like the directions say. Once the cookies were mixed and baking, I started deep frying.

I wasn’t deep frying the cookies, silly! I started with onions, then did some mushrooms, and then did another onion to use up my batter. Oh so good. It was difficult to not eat everything I fried right then and there. With the oatmeal cookies done, I started on some lemon bar things. For that I followed the reciepe. They are damn good. Flavoring things with lemon zest is awesome. I’m taking a break now, before I finish up the lemon bars, and start fry cod and potatoes. Fish and chips anyone?

Day 2

My title is Security Infrastructure Systems Engineer. Although I’ve only seen it used once.

Not much details. So far I haven’t talked too much tech with people in my group, but I get the impression that I am years ahead of all except for maybe my team leader.

There are a lot of young guys 24ish that are just plain annoying. Was at a huge Ciber meeting today. It was a townhall with food and stuff. They are kinda funny, but they are far too clicky. They don’t exactly play well with others. My first impression is that they don’t have much of a work ethic and they have a strong since of entitlement with not much to back it up. Anyway, I’ve committed to this for at least 6 months in my own head. I just need to feel it out. So far I’m not sure I like the itty bitty scope, but I knew that would be the biggest change.

First day at the new job

It was the first day on the job. So I really didn’t do anything. OK, so now I know what I’ll be working on. It took most the day just to get my various ID information setup.

Ask me in 6 months or so if I like it.

I definitely like getting home before 6pm, instead of 7:30. I definitely like sleeping in about an hour later than I did before. I definitely like not having to drive M14 to 275 to 696 to Telegraph to Square Lk Rd. I definitely like working with people who seem like they know what they are doing. I’ll reserve judgement for whether they actually do know anything for a later date.