I am going to play basketball, and I still feel like I just ate. MMM… Time to play VOMITRON!!!

And man do I love this song. Toni Braxton is awesome!

Woo hoo! I’m damn near sure that I am 4 pointing my hardware course, and this is the one I was dread afraid of. It is SOOO EASY! I’m gotten perfect scores on everything so far. Of course, we have not had an actual test, but if I study a little, I am sure I will do well.
Much like the Professor told Bubbles, if you try to be brave, I’m sure you can find the courage to beat ’em!
I will beat the stupid grades. 🙂

I would like some wine with my cheese, yes.

I’m sitting in class and wondering if Live Journal will post this while I’m offline. Ya know, the win32 client could just store up my entries until I go back online. But given a 200K download, I’m not expecting too many advanced features. Actually, I’m sitting in my MFC Class – and I just got interupted by class, so now class is over – gosh that was fun. MFC AppWizard is neato!

Ok, so I was seeming down a bit cuz of my bad Stat’s test score, but I just got my homework back( after the test! ) and its all perfect, so actually, I’m doing A-OK!!!

I haven’t said anything in a while, I’m sorry. School has been a wee bit busy. I recieved test results in some of my classes, and I didn’t do so hot. So its time to burry down and study. I need to get the grade. I can’t let a silly little thing like School whoop on my ass.

Its valentines day too. So I wanted to let everyone know that I have not gotten my sweetie anything. She loves me still. 😛

Other fun things include a killer NBA all-star game. GO EAST!!!

OU mens b-ball is doing pretty good even though our star player tore his ACL.

OU ladies b-ball lost the biggest game of the season, but they lost by one point at the last second. It was one of the best b-ball games I have ever seen.