Tester or Noisemaker

has an intersting post about Testers and Noisemakers.


I like this post because it really hits home for
me.  In my tiny development group, we don’t have any testers. 
Therefore I am the perpetual noisemaker.  I challenge every bad design
(which is most of them).  I challenge every line of source code I see
(which is very few of them).  I drive my team lead crazy.  I try to
make our software “better”.  But in my eyes, no one else sees the benefit
of writing better software and using better designs.  The team has the
unfortunate property of cowboy style development being OK.

In this case I don’t view any such challenges to
the “bad things” as being CLM.  Rather if it does limit my carreer, then I
am better off for it, as this is not an environment in which I wish to
work.  Of course, I am not working at Microsoft like Nick.  Keep
fighting the good fight Nick.  Make Microsoft’s software better!  God
knows there is plent of need and room to do that.

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