Nick Malik is right on – SOA is really just OO applied to distributed systems

Nick writes a little bit about OO design, mentions some patterns and an IoC
framework and then basically says that all of this stuff is here just to help us
do good design.  I agree.  Much like any tool at your disposal, all of
these things can be misused, but that doesn’t make them bad.  They key is
to learn to use the tools well. 

I just really liked when he wrote “SOA is really just OO applied to
distributed systems”.  Yes yes yes!  Thank you!  Unlike what
others read and think about SOA, Nick got it right.  I still say that Yogi
got it wrong.  SOA is not a replacement for OO.

I also like that Nick comes right out and says “So we are doing what we
always do…”  That is what I’ve been saying for a while now. 
Unfortunately, many people see Web Services and SOAP and they don’t see
SOA.  They do see a one size fits all way for RPC.  I guess that is
ok, but it is typically because they didn’t spend enough time on a good