Most Important Values

The most important values to guide a persons life are love and
kindness. The concepts behind these values are very traditional.
Love, of course being the most important, leads to kindness, but often
in life it is very hard to love some people or things, especially when
these values were recently adopted by a person. Kindness can be a
little easier sometimes, and given enough time any negative feelings
toward a person can be diminished. This is another instance of a “love
your neighbor”, or a “do unto others” mentality. It may sound simple,
but it works. There is never any reason to hate another person. Hate
their actions, hate their philosophies, but the actual person should
be loved. I try my best to love everybody, Nazis and murderers
included. It is very easy to observe the stress and unhappiness that
the alternative brings. When a person hates, the natural action is to
attack that which is hated, but when a person loves, the action is to
encourage, uplift, and support loved ones. I’m not talking about
family members or close friends alone, but strangers too. That person
who cut you off on your drive to work could use your love. Once this
philosophy is adopted, anger and hate are very diminished from your
emotional palette. It is much easier to give a loving smile to those
who you would otherwise hate or be angry with. Follow these
traditions and values and live a more enjoyable life.