Dear LiveJournal,
I’m sorry I haven’t written you in a while, but you are not alive, so you had better not care. I can’t believe it is Thursday already. This week went fast like all the rest. Where does the time go? I just want school to go away, so I must do some school work after I write you.
I was purplexed to see a box waiting for me when I arrived home today. I had already recieve any orders I had placed on the internet. I looked at the return address and it was from a place called Level 3. Immediately images of a vast conspiracy of evil computer crackers planning to blackmail me to do thier evil deeds came to mind. But then I remembered that Level 3 was just an ISP/ASP who had some things in the area. What did they want with me?
I openned, wondering if I should be wearing gloves while fearing a certain powder known to arrive via mail. This was a fedex box, trackable courier? Maybe I was safe. The crinckled paper was deep and I thought someone had sent me an empty box until I got to the bottom and saw the pretty package and note. Why in the world would someone send me Windows XP Professional? I read the note. I had won a drawing for which I registered over 6 months ago. I vaugely remember that they were having drawing on a regular basis. I think I was Novembers winner. Hurray for me I won!!!
That is this weeks excitement. I’ll try to write you soon Live Journal.
Your Slave,