Dear lj,

I’m glad your middle name isn’t Baines. Typing your initials would simply be too painful. Today I performed a so called physics experiement. It didn’t work, what else is new? Physics laboratories suck. This is probably why so few people enter the field, because people are smart. That can’t be right, because I know from experience that people are very stupid. There is some universal paradox occuring here, I’d investigate it further, but I really don’t give a damn.
Tired. I think I slept too MUCH! I was late to class cuz I was sleeping. I never get any exercise anymore, I’m sure that does not help. Everything will be better when this semester is over. that is what I keep telling myself. Its probably true.
I also found out from peers in my Physics class, that this paper I’ve been fretting over needs only be 5 pages max. Well I had 5 pages long ago. So I’m stretching my margins and shrinking my line spaces, and I will fit everything I have to say into 5 pages damnit!