tonight tonight – today today

Well, tonight was fun fun fun… while doing laundry at my dad’s, I messed with his computer a lot.

He had 4 more virii, and 69 spy ware thingies.  Ugh.  But I
upgraded his stupid netscape browser from 6.2 to 7.1… Newer mozilla
engine is faster, but no where near that of 1.8a nightlies.

So while doing that, and trying to do a defrag on windows 98, I used
putty to update his debian firewall.  I finally got a new debian
kernel on that thing… 2.6.5 is much nicer than 2.6.0-test9. 
Named stopped working in debian and I needed some kernel module called
“capability”.  Its an odd one, but I’m guessing it gives the named
user account ability to listen on port 53, like a delegation of
privilege.  Then I started messing with snmp and mrtg.

After going home and putting away the laundry, I dove back into the
snmp and mrtg.  It was a bit more challenging than on Mandrake,
but this is probably due just as much to my inexperience with snmp, as
it is to the wonders of Mandrake.  So Debian’s snmpd is tcp
wrapped, but Mandrake’s is not.  Worse yet, Debian’s doesn’t like
“localhost”, it requires the IP of… sheesh… talk about
picky.  I must have blew 1/2 and hour just on that!  OUCH My
wrist is hurting typing all this.  I guess that MS Keyboard at
work has spoiled me!

So the end result is cfgmaker and indexmaker working like pie, and my
mrtg showing up at  Neat eh?

The today today part was just some bad arse scrpting and automation I
did for work.  Not to mention some cool Linux 802.1q VLAN stuff I
did.  Man it is turning out to be quite the week.