Friday night Jazz in AA

Last night was pretty cool. I was napping when Janice called to invite me to Leopolds. After waking up and leaving I arive to find out… NO STOUT… tender says some shit about how they are a so and so distiller and they don’t do any some and suches so they don’t have Stout. What a load of malarchy.

Lots of talk, too much estrogen (only dude, 4 fems)… and only a single beer (24oz) and I was ready to roll, so we rolled, the fems were hungry. After much aimless wandering we ended up at Bambino’s or some such mexican joint on 4th street. Damn good grub. Then we loitered the streets of ann arbor for at least an hour before we decided we could use another drink. Blind pig had cover, and a stop at grizzlebies(or whatever the name is) lead us to Firefly.

Damn, what a pleasant surprise. Greeted with a “nah, you don’t have to pay the cover” and “turn of your cell phones, they are recording”, we enter to a wonderful sounding traditional jazz trio. Now I am not a jazz head, I simply enjoy live music and this was exceptionally nice. We caught about 6 songs. 4 of ’em had a vocalist. The ol’ lady was pretty good. When they closed with Route’66 all I could think of was depeche mode. I’m bad.

Ah, the funny part of the night was walking main street in aa. The sound side of downtown there is a pair of restaurants. Walking by one of them I noticed a couple had just received a pair of beautiful orange lobsters. The mahem had begun. Next time… I’m going to steal the lobsters off their plates and run. After 3 steps I will turn around, place the lobster in my left hand into my mouth for holding, because I’ll be stealing the melted butter off the womans plate as well. I don’t want the mans butter. Then I’ll be RUNNING!!! Oh can you imagine the thoughts going through their heads as the lobster theif runs away! So much fun!

At some point during the 4th Jazz song, I realized the most fun part of the lobster mehem event! LOBSTER MAGNET!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 Anyone recall this super fun flash movie? *sigh* I chuckled while I thought of the lobster magnet. My posse of 3 fems were none the wiser.

Telling the Iowa visitors where to drink beer was funny. I said Leopold was six blocks “thata-way”. They said “six blocks?” like it was a lifetime trek of sorts. What a bunch of lazy fucks. I mean I know towns in Iowa are small, but christ, I would think they have towns larger than six blocks!