working around a “secure” build of windows

At work they have these stupid windows images to install from, rather than default installs. One of the side effects is that I cannot drag and drop in Windows Explorer.

Here is my fix and undo of “security” to enable drag and drop in windows.

This is just a copy and paste of information I found in a forum somewhere. It seems the change must be made and you must logoff/logon (or maybe just restart explorer.exe).

Good, then we can try two other remedies. I am assuming by the way that you are not receiving any error messages during your attempts to drag and drop.

1. Check your settings in DCOMCNFG.

This is based on MS KB Q274696:;en-us…

For XP the modified solution is to open dcomcnfg, go to the properties page for Component Services | Computers | My Computer, go to the Default COM Security page, under “Access Permissions” click “Edit Default” and make sure that the local SYSTEM and INTERACTIVE users have “Access Permission” with the “Allow” checkbox checked.

2. Re-register some DLLs.

Start, Run, and either type CMD and paste the below as a box into the CMD session, or enter each line one-by-one:

regsvr32 urlmon.dll
regsvr32 Shdocvw.dll
regsvr32 Msjava.dll
regsvr32 Actxprxy.dll
regsvr32 Oleaut32.dll
regsvr32 Mshtml.dll
regsvr32 Browseui.dll
regsvr32 Shell32.dll
regsvr32 riched20.dll

TekTippy4U (TechnicalUser)
7 Aug 04 3:46
hi folks;
couple of quick points;
[…as the long tooth becomes a fang ]
I’m not up on current MSOffice DLL versions, and associated apps, nor with all XP DLLs per se — so some DLLs below may be older – feel free to update with the correct file name.
[1] I’m inclined to think it’s related to an unregistered DLL ( improperly registered or overwritten/replaced, and even perhaps an OCX that needs re-registering – thinking an Explorer issue more-so than an IE one).
along these lines – I’d like to add a few to the list (that bcastner already posted);
regsvr32 Comctl32.dll
regsvr32 Shlwapi.dll
regsvr32 User32.dll
regsvr32 User.dll
regsvr32 Olepro32.dll
regsvr32 Ole2.dll
regsvr32 Ole2conv.dll
regsvr32 Ole2disp.dll
regsvr32 Ole2nls.dll
regsvr32 Ole32.dll
regsvr32 Olecli32.dll
regsvr32 Olecnv32.dll
regsvr32 Olesvr.dll
regsvr32 Olesvr32.dll
regsvr32 Olethk32.dll
regsvr32 Oleacc.dll
regsvr32 Setupwbv.dll
regsvr32 Softpub.dll
regsvr32 Wininet.dll
regsvr32 Wintrust.dll
(sorry bout the long list, but might as well try em all – and depending on which version of IE you’re running these files will vary, and you’ll definitely get some errors when trying to register them all).

The other quirky thing about this, is that you’d think that an SFC /Scannow would restore the Original DLLs – if some are wrong versions or have been maliciously replaced by malware (as certain usual Windows files can and are – such as rundll32.exe and regedit.exe and notepad.exe to name a few).

[2] Someone will have to follow up on the OCX theory, kinda like the way exoticspice’s faq lists entries to the Interface Key – perhaps it’s a TypeLib prob. I think the OCX files may need the full path listed in the command?

[3] I’ve heard of anomalies with drag-n-drop and cut and paste from having more than 1 Keyboard Language set in the Keyboard Properties > Language tab of Control Panel.

[4] Finally….anyone think this is an Accessibilty Setting option gone awry?

……oh well – a shot in the dark anyway.


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