AADND – Ann Arbor Dot Net Developers meeting September 13th at SPARK

Please join us on Wednesday, September 13th at SPARK for the 8th Ann Arbor Dot Net Developers meeting.  The meeting starts at 6pm and usually lasts until about 8:30pm.

Jay R. Wren (me) will be presenting Mono.

Mono yields some great opportunities to propel Open Source and Linux even
further into the mainstream. Mono is an Open Source implementation of a
runtime environment and libraries designed and created by Microsoft known as
the .NET Framework. There has been much controversy and misinformation about
its performance and licensing issues in the Open Source community. Some of
these issues will be dispelled and others will be displayed in a new light.
Some of the best desktop application available today are written in C# and
run in Mono. Mono has some excellent tools available, some of them are
better than tools available for systems which have been around much longer.
Mono supports nearly all of the protocols and libraries with which Open
Source developers are familiar. In this session, we will introduce Mono.

Jay R. Wren learned to program at age 8 on an Atari 800XL. Two years later
the family got an Amiga 1000. He learned to program structured procedural
basic. Amiga Basic 1.3+ didn’t have line numbers! This background helped
immensely when he moved to programming PASCAL and C and later C++, Java,
Python, PHP, Perl, Pike, and finally C#. He started using Linux as a desktop
operating system in 1995. He put himself through Oakland University for
eight and a half years and obtained a bachelors and masters degree while
working, usually full time. After seven years of working as a Systems
Administrator and a Network Administrator, Jay decided to switch direction
slightly and put the computer science degrees to work by entering the field
of Computer Programming and Software Engineering. After trying to teach
himself the whole J2EE thing, frustration with the XML configuration files
and overall system lead him to try this Microsoft .NET thing. Very shortly
he was hooked and diving into the open source implementation of it, called
Mono. He has been using Mono and .NET since fall of 2004.

We will have our usual format including valuable news about local .NET technology, opportunity and jobs.  Pizza will be privided.

This meeting is open to the public and is free to attend.

For more information see our website:  http://www.aadnd.org/