Burning CDROMS (or DVD) from ISO in Windows XP for free.

I hate buying software.  I’m a fan of Linux and Open
Source more for the price than for the philosophy.  I’m cheap.

Open Source on Windows is great.  Freeware is OK.  But the strange
hidden gems are the ones that have existed for years and I just don’t know
about.  Well, this one I have know about for a few years, but it has been
around for as many as 6.

The Windows Resource Kit comes with CDBURN.EXE.  It burns ISO files to
disc.  I am all for command line, but sometimes toggling between windows
explorer and command line is just not as efficient as it could be.  It is
also a hassle to click all the way through Start->Programs->Windows
Resource Kit Tools->Command Shell.  This stuff should be at my

I make this little file and call it cdburn-d.cmd and place it on my
desktop.  Now I can drag an iso to it and it immediately burns.  No
right click, no next button, no “are you sure” prompt.  This is efficient

"C:\Program Files\Windows Resource Kits\Tools\cdburn.exe" D:


Now as a Gnome and Ubuntu user I am sad to admit that I have no idea how I
can do the same thing in Gnome.  Could I create a shell script and do the
same thing?

cdrecord dev=/dev/hdc -dao $1

echo press enter to continue...


It pains me to admit that I don’t know if such a simple thing will work.
Especially since I’ve been using Gnome since before the 0.30 release.
That was pre-Nautilus, so I guess what may have worked then wouldn’t work
now, but it still pains me.

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