Code Better is having a book giveaway.

I like the look of the books, and I’ve referenced Code Better before.  So consider this my entry.

Palermo is blogging about NHibernate again.  It is great to see on Code Better.

I don’t know if Vista upgrade cupons are this soon or not, but I fear it may mean that I’ll want a new computer sooner rather than later.  Of course, I’d be converting the computer to run Ubuntu Linux and run the Windows in a VM.

I finally upgrade my disk in my old computer.   I still don’t know how I was living with a 15G / partition.  It was rough.  I haven’t done such an upgrade in a number of years.  I’m not sure, but I think it was smoother.  I think udev does some magic or something.  I rsynced my / to /newdisk and changed my fstab on the new disk.  fstab maintenance is MUCH smoother using UUIDs and LABELs rather than devices.  In my case I also rearanged cards on my PCI bus so that I could install grub on the SATA drive.  Grub didn’t like the 3ware card, so I’ve been using lilo for the past few years.  I was expecting some problems because sdc was to become sda, but DUH, the module load order didn’t change in my initrd, so sdc did not become sda and it would not have mattered anyway thanks to UUIDs in fstab.  The speed of the 160G SATA disk is so much more than the old 30G disk that it is almost like having a new computer.

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