Consolas in GVIM on Windows

My “notepad” of choice on windows is usually GVIM. I was quickly googling for the vim keyboard shortcut for pageup, because using the Page Up key moves my hands off of home row and that is not efficient.

I stumbled onto this page:
. It mentions the VIM fonts section and something about Windows NT. *ding* that is when the lightbulb went off in my head. I’m not yet using Consolas in Vim. It turns out my vimrc already had some commented set guifont directives in it. It turns out 8pt Consolas is VERY readable on my Thinkpad T42 screen as well as this 17″ IBM ThinkVision LCD.

set guifont=consolas:h8

Its a whole new world of highly productive GVIM!

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  1. Wow, man. You almost have no comments here. I consequently decided to express my thank you for this entry verbally. I wondered if Vim supports custom fonts – coincidentally, precisely Consolas – and you tell me that, in the GUI variant, it does. Nice. 🙂

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