Nostalgy Extension for Thunderbird is a must have

I just installed this extension and the ESC-ESC, L, ESC-M and G keybindings are enough to make it worthwhile.

I found it here:

The G keybinding is the golden feature. It lets you quickly navigate (Goto) any folder. I still use n for next unread and b and f for previous and next message, but being able to use the arrow keys to navigate both the message list, and the message itself without clicking between panes, and without getting lots in tabstops is very nice. Just ESC-m to select the message pane and ESC-ESC to select the folder pane.

Jorge wants to know what Evolution has to offer in this area. Jorge also doesn’t care, because he uses a mouse.

2 thoughts on “Nostalgy Extension for Thunderbird is a must have”

  1. I fail to make this work properly: sometimes it goes to the wrong folder (among the selected ones for Nostalgy). I fail to uncheck the boxes To/Cc & Subject (options) and wonder if the problem does not come from there.

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