Dot Net Rocks! best show ever!

I just listened to the lastest episode of .Net Rocks! and I have to say it was one of the best shows yet. Why was is so great? Well, I am so glad that I asked. Ann Arbor was in the house. Diane Marsh and Bill Wagner were the guests and they were talking about “Non-MS Technology”. Don’t get me wrong, they related all of it to .NET, but it was great to hear them talking about Python, Turbogears, even Java and Groovy. I’ve been hearing a lot about groovy, and after reading the front page I’ll just call it Java’s Boo. Maybe it is because they are both hosted at The Codehaus. I prefer Boo. 🙂

Even if you could care less about .NET, give this show a listen. It is very interesting to hear a VB.NETer’s (Carl) take on whitespace meaning in Python. It is funny to hear because I remember having the reaction 10 years ago, and so I feel like I’m getting in touch with myself from when I first looked at python.

The show ended with the announcement that you can win tickets to CodeMash! AWESOME! I really wish I could make it to CodeMash.

P.S. Visual Studio 2005 has made me wait for 2 minutes for the last time. I’ve removed the F1 keybinding. I occasionally slip and press F1 and it makes my system unusable for 2 minutes while Visual Studio Help launches. Much like James Belushi in The Principal, I have said “NO MORE!”

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  1. dude, you *couldn’t* care less. If you say “could care less”, it implies that you actually care to some extent.

    Damn Americans.

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