Oh No! I may have to get Resharper just for this one feature

Oh No! I may have to get Resharper just for this one feature.


Are you listening Developer Express? I tend to prefer CodeRush/Refactor!Pro to Resharper. I’m just choosy like that (my mom didn’t choose Jiff).

I’m talking about the CamelHumps feature that gets used in the Find search boxes, specifically for GoTo File or GoTo Type. This feature is basically like its identical feature from IDEA. I first saw it demoed at CodeMash and I started to druel a little bit. I’m not sure but maybe SonicFileFinder could be improved to support this feature. I’m also not sure that CodeRush doesn’t support it already and I just don’t know it.

According to this I can get ALMOST the same feature using sonic file finder by typing just a few more keystrokes M*S*T for MySearchText instead of just MST. But these features are pure cake and * is an expensive keystroke. I want my pure cake to be moist and smooth. I don’t want to have to type these wildcards.

GAH! According to this, SonicFileFinder already supports what I am asking for. Why has this not worked for me? I swear that I have tried it.

*GASP* I am a fool. I’ve been confusing CodeRush’s Quick Nav feature with SonicFileFinder. SonicFileFinder is VERY nice.

I’m not afraid to admit I’m foolish, so I’m posting this anyway.

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