Expanding on ALT.NET

Dave Laribee started it.

Kar points out some attributes of the ALT.NET developer.

I’d expand and say ALT.NET also means some other things.

  • An ALT.NET developer has written in Boo, IronPython, F# or some other out of the mainstream language.
  • An ALT.NET developer has used Mono on Windows or elsewhere (Linux, OSX, Solaris, etc).
  • An ALT.NET developer uses a Mocking framework.
  • An ALT.NET developer would be using Castle Windsor before Enterprise Library’s ObjectBuilder.
  • An ALT.NET developer has written code to talk to a database other than MSSQL.

What are you doing right now to become more ALT.NET?

Kar posses the question. I never feel like I do nearly enough. My Mocking Framework usage skills are weak. I don’t contribute to Castle nor Mono as much as I wish I did. What I’m doing right now is creating a DisplayShelf component for MonoRail. I was inspired to do this by CodeMash and I finally had the itch when I took photos of my newborn daughter.