TFS woes

A few months back, or maybe a year+ ago right after Visual Studio 2005 was released, Dianne had mentioned to me that she didn’t like that her team wanted her to use Team Foundation Server. I didn’t know much of TFS at that time. I shrugged and said Subversion and Trac work great for me. In fact my team was afraid of Trac and they opted to buy OnTime for bug tracking and live without integrated SCM. Working with the technology of 1997 was better than that of 1987

An ongoing blog discussion made me think of Dianne and her woes.

It started here:

It escalated here:

Roy kept responding:

So did Oren:

It seems to have digressed into an Open-Source vs. Closed-Source discussion at this point. Honestly, I can’t see any of Roy’s points. They all seem to be excuses. I tend to agree with Oren on every point. Of course, I am biased toward the open-source world as well.