Aspie quiz like everyone else

Whoa, everyone else was doing it, so why can’t I?

I have to admit the Hunting point definitely surprised me.


I have to admit I learned a new word when taking the test. Actually it was the pre-test background information. Dyscalculia is a word I had to look up. I’d always told people I was slightly dyslexic with numbers. I had never heard of dyscalculia before. I realized I had it when I was 16 or 17 in a high school math class, possibly calculus, when I received the results of a test and the teacher said, “I gave your credit for this one. Everything was right. You just had numbers switched around in your final answer.”

Thank god for partial credit, I passed calculus. I’m glad I didn’t have “You build bridge. It fall down. NO PARTIAL CREDIT.” instructor.

So now I claim to have a mild case of self-diagnosed dyscalculia. Add that to my “who is he” profile.