The Castle talk is shaping up and I’m excited for CodeMash

I previously mentioned it here. With the time at hand it bares mentioning that CodeMash is going to be a rocking good time.

I can’t wait to hear

  • Dustin Campbell talk about F# right after
  • Dianne Marsh talks about Scala. Talk about a functional and object oriented good time!
  • Bill Wagner is going to be talking about implementing IQueryProvider in a talk by the same name prefixed by “LinqTo<T>”. Holy crap! I don’t know how you can fit that into a ~70min talk! I mean, I have seen my fair share of LINQ talks to the point I am tired of hearing about it. I feel like I know the topic well enough now, but a talk on making your own LINQ to <your name here>?  THAT IS AWESOME!
  • I know I won’t be able to make it to all of ’em but the language buff in me wants to see the Groovy, and JRuby talks too.

There is way too much good content and the fact that there are five tracks means I only get to see one fifth of the total content. That is assuming I go to something every time slot, which I already know to NOT be the case.

Diving into some of the edge cases for this CodeMash CastleProject presentation has been a lot of fun. I hear about NHibernate talks the most. IMNSHO Castle’s ActiveRecord is the best way to get started using NH. I hear about any Castle talk going on at user groups or whatever even more rarely. Those are usually just MonoRail or ActiveRecord. I’m excited to dive into Windsor, Dynamic Proxy(not too deep), and even some components and services and especially validation. Those oft overlooked Castle areas are my friends.

Post-CodeMash I plan on diving into F#. I didn’t want to do it, but Dustin Campbell convinced me when he showed me F#’s Pipeline operator. “|>”  As a long time Linux and Unix shell user I do tend to think in pipes. This put me over the edge on my desire to learn F#. So in the tradition of learn a new language every year, 2008 will be the year of F# for me. (Deep inside I know it should be erlang, so I may never forgive Dustin for what he has done to me. He has ruined my 2008 and it is still early January.)

See you at CodeMash

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