Bad Password Policies

I was spending a Gift Certificate from Christmas 2006 (I’m not joking) and when I registered for, I got this:



The !@#$%^&*()-=`~[]{}\;:'”,<.>/? that I had in my password isn’t allowed?

I opted for a 19 character password with lower and upper case letters and numbers.

BUT STILL! This is not really acceptable IMO.

3 thoughts on “ Bad Password Policies”

  1. Best Buy has been repairing my laptop since the end of October 2007. I have this expensive warranty that states “Best Buy will replace your item if it is serviced more than 3 times. My laptop has been sent in 9 times and remains to be un-repaired. They will not replace it. I have constantly been told it will be repaired. Since the onset of the feassco,they have broken the USB port, the power switch, and it is really dirty now. I have called explained this many times to there wonderful staff at 1888bestbuy and to any manager when they will talk to me at the store and I get the same reply: “We can’t replace it without approval” Who’s approval God himself… Anyway, I won’t go away, I am persistant. I will not purchase another item from them….

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