Sara Ford’s Parents Were Cheap, and So Were My Sisters!

Meeting Sara Ford at CodeMash was fun. I don’t know very many Microsoft Employees and I know even fewer who actually work in Redmond.

Sara was so down to earth and fun to hang out with that I am left with an even better opinion of Microsoft’ies post-codemash.

Sara was joking that her parents were too cheap to pay for the h in her name. I love this. I wish I had thought of it so I could have made fun of my sister while we were growing up. My sister is Sara without an h too!

Sara does a great job of introducing herself in the CodeMash podcast with Chris Woodruff. I was very happy to get to talk with her, Steven Harman, Joe Brinkman, Kevin Devine and Michael Kimsal of webdevradio. Our conversation was totally unprepared. I think the idea was to have an open spaces discussion and when only a few people showed up, Michael started recording.

At times the conversation reminded me of the DotNetRocks open source panel episode, but as a 12+ year member, user and contributor to open source projects, I felt like some major points were missed on the DotNetRocks episode. Since I was part of the conversation I was able to represent these points.

Thanks for waving me over Steven. Thanks for putting the mic in my face Michael.

If this sounds interesting, give it a listen.

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