Visual Studio Task Tokens Help Me Find Smells

VS TaskTokens_2008-06-10_12-29-43

I work with some great people whose initials are BWW, DWH, etc. They already comment up a code base which I inherited with their initials. Visual Studio’s Task List feature lets me get a list of all of these comments just bad adding their initials as tokens.

I’ve also added a token named “SMELL” for when I see something I think is code smell, but I cannot fix it immediately.

Now, my proposal is for teams to exploit this feature. A small team could easily get all of the initials of its team mates and add them as tokens and then export only the Task List settings from VS and post that to their web site, repository, wiki, whatever for all of the team to download and import into settings.

This might be a cool team feature for teams who don’t have blame setup in their source control management system.