I Use Opera

People make fun of me, but I don’t care. I use Opera. Its faster. I use javascript heavy sites like google mail and bloglines and in Firefox and Internet Explorer these sites are slow to load, slow to use, and make my browsers eat upward of 30% of the 2.5G of ram in my poor laptop.

I know the google lovers say “CHROME!” but after reading the privacy policy, I can’t handle it. Opera is years more refined and has the options I need. I do miss noscript, my favorite firefox plugin, but with the ability to enable or disable Java, JavaScript, plugins, cookies, sound, animated images, and even refers, just by pressing F12 and selecting one of these options, I’m fine with using Opera. Did I mention it is fast? I also love the saved session state.


Two things I missed when I moved from Firefox to Opera were the smart bookmarks which I had configured in Firefox to post to my delicious account and to subscribe to a feed using bloglines. It turns out Opera has custom buttons.

After finding the Del.Icio.Us custom buttons, I was able to make my own for bloglines.


s/bl <—drag this link to your Opera menu bar

Just drag this link into your menu. I like to name my s/bl for subscribe with bloglines. I like tiny abbreviations so that my menu doesn’t fill up.


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  1. I’m proponent for Opera too, I used to use it on my crackberry for websites that the built-in crackbrowser could not handle. I like it – chrome is work in progress and I’m not interested in it. I’ll use Safari (read web kit) before Chrome (read web kit)

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